Kelly Charles-Collins

Kelly Charles-Collins, ESQ., MBA (She/Her/)

Kelly is a passionate advocate for creating inclusive cultures where every person and every voice truly matters. With a background spanning over two decades as an employment law trial attorney, she brings a wealth of legal and corporate experience to her work. Kelly’s expertise lies in empowering leaders and teams to shatter the internal silence that often surrounds difficult conversations and toxic situations in the workplace. Through her dynamic presentations, training programs, and workshops, Kelly disrupts unconscious bias, encourages bystander interventions, and teaches the art of courageous conversations.

Ms. Charles-Collins works closely with companies, leveraging her experience to transform workplaces into vibrant, respectful, and accountable spaces. She guides organizations in cultivating safe, inclusive, and accountable cultures. Her mission is to foster a sense of belonging and unity, driving productivity and promoting a healthier workplace environment.

With a deep commitment to creating positive change, Kelly’s work goes beyond the surface level. She aims to keep companies out of courtrooms and newsrooms by proactively addressing issues related to diversity, unconscious bias, and employee engagement.

Kelly’s passion for her work stems from personal experiences with bias and discrimination as a Black woman and mother. She is driven to make a difference, ensuring that everyone has a voice and feels valued in the workplace.

Kelly’s past clients include Raymond James, eBay, Tampa Bay International Airport, BayCare Health Systems, SHRM, Big Brothers and Big Sisters of America, Association Forum and more.

A transformative keynote speaker and mentor, Kelly has been features in some of the biggest media publications and outlets including:

  • ABC
  • NBC
  • CBS
  • Time
  • Forbes
  • And Much More!