What We Cover

The discussion of DEI can feel overwhelming without the guidance of a team of expert HR professionals. After all, this topic covers a broad range of ideas and strategies, so it is vital that you make the effort in learning from a team that can give you the guidance you need.

With our courses, we bring you engaging education that you can implement in your DEI strategy on a daily basis. Take some time to gather new tools for developing a workplace culture that feels welcoming to all, regardless of background. As we like to say, “Compassion without action is just observation!”

A Quick Guide On Our Topics

Unlock The Power Of Ubuntu And Build A Community Culture

Learn to see others through a transformative lens with Chisa Marie Miller’s fascinating discussion of the spirit of Ubuntu. This lecture draws upon the South African concept of unseen oneness between all members of humanity. Discover how a communal atmosphere can help each of your team members to succeed!

Inclusion Can Be A Powerful Business Tool

Through the work of Dr. Milton Perkins, you will gain access to a new and innovative model for workplace DEI integration. Gain real-world application knowledge with his DARNSCARSS framework that you can use to further your employee recruiting, onboarding, and retention. Dr. Perkins outlines the necessity of not only diversity training, but also the importance of consistent long-term DEI investment.

Discover How Gamification Can Create New Bonds

Have a little fun with The Race Card Deck™ creator Kelvin Goss and uncover the role that games can play in fostering empathy and connection between your team members. His hit playing cards bring DEI concepts out of the classroom and into a more communicative environment, giving people the chance to learn while having fun!

Conflict Mediation Through An Environment Based Around Conversation And Respect

In a workplace environment, it is also necessary to be ready to resolve professional disputes and misunderstandings. Kelly Charles-Collins will give you some strategies that you can employ in these situations through the cultivation of a conversational culture that is based upon mutual respect.

From C-Suite To Sales, Learn How You Can Find Meaning In Inclusion

Join us on this journey and be a part of bringing new modes of thought to global human resources culture through expanding your knowledge and understanding of diversity, equity, and inclusion, as well as accessibility and belonging. We have the power to make a better workplace a reality!